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The Pingguo bauxite deposit is located ~100 km NW of Nanning in Guangxi Province, China (#Location: 23° 25' 30"N, 107° 37' 28"E).

The deposit overlies the karstic limestone topography of the Permian Maokou Formation of western Guangxi and are apparently the product of weathering of overlying basalts belonging to the Permian Emeishan Large Igneous Province (LIP).

The bauxite bearing mass is composed of three distinct layers:
i). a lower band, dominated by ferric clay or weathered iron oxides,
ii). a middle layer of cryptocrystalline and oolitic bauxite ore, and
iii). an upper unit dominated by argillaceous bauxite.

The bauxite ore is predominantly composed of diaspore, pyrite, chamosite and anatase, whilst the argillaceous bauxite contains diaspore, kaolinite, pyrophyllite, pyrite and anatase.

Two types of pyrite have been identified from the bauxite: i). fine-grained and framboidal pyrite (Py1), which occurs in aggregates, enriched in trace elements and is thought to have a diagenetic origin, and ii). coarse-grained and euhedral pyrite which is deficient in trace elements and is considered to have formed by later recrystallisation. The S isotopic composition of pyrite (-34.11 to -18.91‰) and visible ovoid microorganisms within the bauxite provide evidences of microbial activity during bauxite formation. Microorganisms were likely to have enhanced the dissolution and weathering of the parent rock and facilitated the precipitation of diaspore under near-surface conditions.

The district is estimated to contain >0.5 Gt of bauxite. It supports a large smelter, 15 km to the SW at the town of Pingguo.

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this summary was dated: 2017.    
This description is a summary from published sources, the chief of which are listed below.
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  References & Additional Information
   Selected References:
Liu, X., Wang, Q., Zhang, Q., Yang, Y., Liang, Y., Zhang, Y., Li, Y. and Guan, T.,  2017 - Genesis of the Permian karstic Pingguo bauxite deposit, western Guangxi, China: in    Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 1031-1048.

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