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TM Porter
The services provided by Porter GeoConsultancy are based on the experience of:

T. M. (Mike) PORTER
which includes:
  • A Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Economic Geology at the University of Adelaide, Australia, conferred in 1969.
  • Over 45 years in the industry, including 27 as a geologist with one of the world's leading mineral exploration companies of the latter half of the twentieth century, CRA Exploration Pty Limited (CRA merged with RTZ in 1996 to become Rio Tinto), culminating in the position of Chief Geologist for 10 years.
  • Experience over much of that period in both direct field exploration and in project management.
  • Conceptual work, based on visits to ore deposits and mineral provinces around the world, and subsequently applied in extensive project generation in a diverse range of geological terranes and commodities.
  • The establishment and maintenance over a six year period of a digital information & database system for CRA Exploration, to archive, manage and make available the company's internal exploration data and other external information.
  • Visits to more than 500 of the world's significant ore deposits in North & South America, Africa, Eurasia & Australasia during both the period with CRA Exploration and with our International Study Tour series of professional development courses.
  • A wide understanding and familiarity with the geology and metallogeny of the world, through experience and knowledge gained during the preparation of geological descriptions for ~1500 of the world's more significant ore deposits and their settings, based on mine and field visits detailed above, and from extensive literature research.
  • Compilations covering many of the world's major mineral provinces, based on both field work/visits and on extensive literature research.
Investigations over the last twenty years have included:
  • The tectonic and geological setting and Cu-Mo-Au deposits of the Andes,
  • The tectonic and geological setting and deposits of the Central African Copperbelt,
  • Copper metallogeny of the South-west Pacific Archipelago,
  • Evaluation of the mineral potential & generation of exploration targets in Madagascar,
  • Evaluation of the non-sulphide zinc potential of southern Australia,
  • The zinc potential of Brazil, followed by project generation,
  • The geology, major ore deposits, and distribution of mineralisation along the North American cordillera,
  • The geology and mineral deposits of the Central Asian Republics and Russia,
  • The gold deposits of Ghana and adjacent West Africa,
  • The geology and mineral deposits of northern peninsular India,
  • The geology and mineral deposits of Southern and Central Africa,
  • The geology and mineralisation, of Brazil and neighbouring South America.
  • The Lubin copper deposits in Poland,
  • The sediment hosted copper deposits of the World,
  • The Noril'sk - Talnakh nickel-copper-PGE deposits of Russia,
  • The geology and reserves of the major zinc deposits of the world.
  • Project generation in Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania.
Mike specialises in research, compilation and synthesis of information on:
  • the geology, mineral occurrences and other related aspects of selected areas, anywhere in the world,
  • specific ore types and commodities, world wide,
  • particular mineral deposits.
-and-   project generation for mineral exploration, involving:
  • Recognising the potential for particular ore types in a given area, from available information and field observations,
  • Working and interacting with client's geologists in the field and office to complement their local knowledge and experience, introduce a world wide expertise and an outside perspective, and together recognise potential as a cooperative effort.
  • Through a web of contacts world wide, arrange meetings and visits to projects internationally on behalf of clients, as part of a regional evaluation and project generation exercise.
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