An AMF-PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
Africa-B 2001
Mineral Deposits of Southern & Central Africa
10 June - 5 July 2001 - In Two Separate Modules
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Module 1A

  In the Chambishi open pit, Zambia.

  Underground at Konkola, Zambia.

  Waiting for the cage at Konkola, Zambia.

  Overlooking the Nchanga open pit, Zambia.

  Structure in the Nchanga open pit, Zambia.

  Prof Ross Large at Mufulira, Zambia.

  Drill core at Mufulira, Zambia.

  Nicky & Alix at Nkana, Zambia.

  Studying the ore at Nkana, Zambia.

  Module 1A Group Photo at Kalulushi, Zambia.

  Dr Sharad Master at the Kitwe Seminar, Zambia.

Module 1B

  Module 1B Introductory Meeting, South Africa.

  Traverse on the Gamsberg, South Africa.

  On the Gamsberg, South Africa.

  Underground at Broken Hill, Aggeneys, South Africa.

  In the field over Swartberg, South Africa.

  Puncture on the road to Rosh Pinah, Namibia.

  Watching the pre-strip at Skorpion, Namibia.

  In the field near Rosh Pinah, Namibia.

  Underground at Rosh Pinah, Namibia.

  Module 1B Group Photo at Rosh Pinah, Namibia.

  Sunset cruise at Rosh Pinah, Namibia.

Module 2

  Johannesburg Workshop, for Module 2, South Africa.

  Looking at UG2 Markers, Rustenburg Section, South Africa.

  In a low Merensky Reef stope, Rustenburg, South Africa.

  Discussions in a train, Rustenburg Section, South Africa.

  Going underground on a chair lift, Elandsdrift, South Africa.

  Dougie the PIRSA penguin, studies drill core, South Africa.

  The Potgietersrust Platinum open pit, South Africa.

  The Module 2 Group at Potgietersrust, South Africa.

  On the River section field traverse at Driekop, South Africa.

  On the The Dwars River Chromitites, South Africa.

  On the The Module 2 Group at Dwars River, South Africa.

  At the base of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa.

  On the Bushveld Cameron Section, South Africa.

  In the Palabora Mine, South Africa.

  Wild life in the Kruger Park, South Africa.

  At the Mapochs Magnetite-Vanadium mine, South Africa.

  At the Nkomati Ni-Cu mine, South Africa.

  On the surface at the Nkomati Ni-Cu mine, South Africa.

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This was another of the International Study Tours designed, developed, organised and escorted by T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd (PGC) in joint venture with the Australian Mineral Foundation (AMF).  While the reputation and support of the AMF contributed to the establishment of the tours, after it ceased trading at the end of 2001, PGC has continued to develop, organise and manage the tour series.

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