An AMF-PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
Africa-B 2001
Mineral Deposits of Southern & Central Africa
10 June - 5 July 2001 - In Two Separate Modules
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Platinum Mining

Porter GeoConsultancy, and the Australian Mineral Foundation, in cooperation with AMIRA International, continued the AMF International Study Tour series of courses by providing a unique opportunity to:

Visit the most heavily mineral-endowed segment of the Earth's crust - The value of past production and indicated resources of PGEs, gold, diamonds, and base and ferrous metals in Southern and Central Africa far exceeds that of any other comparable sized region on the planet.

See up to sixteen of the worlds most important non-gold ore deposits - and learn more about how they were formed, how more like them may be found both in Africa and around the world and what they may reveal to enhance the potential of your own exploration and mining projects.

Select which of these short optional modules/parts best suited the participant's requirements - by visiting a suite of major deposits, each with varying characteristics, in each of three of the world's outstanding mineral provinces:


PART A, ZAMBIAN COPPER BELT - 6 days from June 10 - Seminar, regional core, outcrop & visits to:
  • Mufulira
  • Nkana
  • Nchanga
  • Konkola
  • Chambishi
  • Chibuluma
The main focus of this Part A was COPPER.

Module 1 Part A was designed to double as the non-confidential segment of the AMIRA International Project P544 "Proterozoic Sediment Hosted Copper Deposits" Sponsors Field Meeting and immediately follow the restricted sponsors only meeting in Kitwe.

PART B, ZINC, LEAD & COPPER IN SOUTH AFRICA & NAMIBIA - 7 days from June 18 - including visits to:
  • Rosh Pinah
  • Black Mountain/Swartberg - Aggeneys
  • Broken Hill - Aggeneys
  • Gamsberg
The main focus of this Part B was ZINC.

MODULE 2 - MAFIC INTRUSION RELATED PGE, Cr, V, Ni, Cu - 25 June to 5 July 2001

Full day seminar in Johannesburg, two day traverses across Eastern Bushveld & and visits to:
  • Rustenburg PGE
  • Elandsdrift Cr
  • Potgietersrust PGE
  • Mapochs V-Fe
  • >Palabora Cu
  • Nkomati Ni
The main focus of this Module 2 was Platinum Group Elements, Chromite, Vanadium-magnetite, Copper and Nickel of the Bushveld Complex and its satellite intrusions. It provided a unique opportunity to study the largest, most studied and most complete mineralised mafic system in the world and to learn more about the processes involved in the formation of these ores and their metallogenic and geologic inter-relationships.

In addition to the mine visits, there were high level seminars, as shown above, to provide an overview of the regional tectonic, geological and metallogenic setting of the districts and deposits visited, plus field reconnaissance, or drill core inspections in areas of poor exposure. While the primary focus of the tour was geological, attention was also devoted to the mining, metallurgical and economic aspects of each operation.

Tour participants were from around the world. They brought a breadth of knowledge and international experience that broadened and enriched the discussion and greatly enhanced the tour as the group travelled together and viewed the deposits visited from their varying perspectives and backgrounds.

All of the arrangements were made by the AMF to allow the maximum impact, in the minimum time, and at reduced costs.

Module 1 Part A of this tour was organised by Porter GeoConsultancy for the AMF in cooperation with AMIRA International, to provide the non-confidential field component of the first AMIRA Project P544 Sponsors Field Meeting in Zambia. AMIRA Sponsor delegates registered using an AMIRA-AMF Registration Form.

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This was another of the International Study Tours designed, developed, organised and escorted by T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd (PGC) in joint venture with the Australian Mineral Foundation (AMF).  While the reputation and support of the AMF contributed to the establishment of the tours, after it ceased trading at the end of 2001, PGC has continued to develop, organise and manage the tour series.

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