An AMF-PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
FeOx 2000
Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposits
7 to 13 December, 2000
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The Porter GeoConsultancy and the Australian Mineral Foundation continued their International Study Tour series of professional development courses by providing a unique opportunity to:

Visit a diverse range of the most significant Iron Oxide Copper Gold Deposits in Australia from the giant, 2 billion tonne, brittle regime, shallow level, Olympic Dam in South Australia to the deep, ductile setting of Osborne in Queensland, and others with differing structural, geologic and mineralogic characteristics.

Inspect comprehensive suites of host rock and ore specimens from a selection of major deposits around the world at the AMF-AMIRA Data Metallogenica Centre in Adelaide, with more than 20 representative samples per deposit. Over 1000 specimens from the more than 30 deposits were studied, chosen from the 50 000 samples collected from 3500 deposits/occurrences in 100 countries that are housed in the collection. These were supported by geologic diagrams and sections of the orebodies studied, with literature back-up and experts on hand to answer queries.

Study the setting and field expression of this style of mineralisation in the mineral rich Cloncurry Terrane of Queensland with top international expert Dr Pat Williams of James Cook University, in the form of a two day field workshop. The Cloncurry Terrane embraces the Ernest Henry, Osborne and Selwyn District Iron Oxide Copper-Gold deposits.

See the following significant ore deposits in three States of Australia, with field and other workshops - and involving over 4500 km of travel in just 7 days
  • Olympic Dam - Copper-Uranium-Gold in South Australia
  • Ernest Henry - Copper-Gold in Queensland
  • Osborne - Copper-Gold in Queensland
  • Selwyn District - Copper-Gold in Queensland
  • Tennant Creek Gold Field - Gold and Copper-Gold in Northern Territory
  • Cloncurry Terrane - Two day Field Workshop with Dr Pat Williams of JCU
  • Data Metallogenica - Rock & Ore Specimen Collection from Key FeOx Deposits World-wide
Travel, study and discuss these deposits with colleagues from around the world who together will bring a breadth of knowledge and international experience that should broaden and enrich the discussion and greatly enhance the tour as the group travels together and views the deposits visited from their varying perspectives and backgrounds.

Get maximum impact in minimum time - In recognition of the value of the time of key staff, the duration of the tour has been kept to a minimum, while including maximum content. All mine visits, workshops, expert consultants, surface and air travel and accommodation on tour are arranged by the AMF. All the participants needed to do was get to the start point in Adelaide, South Australia with their field gear, ready to go.

All of the arrangements were made by the AMF to allow   the maximum impact, in the minimum time, and to reduce costs.

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This was another of the International Study Tours designed, developed, organised and escorted by T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd (PGC) in joint venture with the Australian Mineral Foundation (AMF).  While the reputation and support of the AMF contributed to the establishment of the tours, after it ceased trading at the end of 2001, PGC has continued to develop, organise and manage the tour series.

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