Another PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
Iron 2002-03
Key Iron Deposits of the World
September 2002 & March-April 2003
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Image: Paraburdoo Mine, Hamersley Ranges, Australia.   
Pilbara Mine

Porter GeoConsultancy continued its International Study Tour series of professional development courses by visiting a selection of the world's key iron ore deposits in September 2002 and March-April 2003, in association with the major Iron Ore 2002 conference in Perth, Western Australia, in September, 2002.

This conference was convened by the AusIMM (Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy) and CSIRO (the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) from 10-11 September, 2002.

The tour and conference together provided a unique opportunity to:

• See at first hand a representative selection of the the world's largest tonnage, high grade iron ore producers on three continents, visiting major deposits in Australia, South Africa & Brazil.

• Appreciate the range of styles of mineralisation that may be found across a province and across the world and the variety of processes that may lead to the formation of ore.

• Learn from some of the world's leading experts on these types of deposit and from discussion with colleagues on tour from around the globe.

• Participants to select which of the three compact optional parts, within the two modules offered, in conjunction with the Conference, best suited their requirements.   The deposits included on the itinerary are as listed below.

IRON ORE 2002 CONFERENCE - 10 to 11 September 2002   -
Perth, Western Australia.   For details of the program, click on   Technical Program.

IRON 2002-03 TOUR,   MODULE 1 - AUSTRALIA - 12 to 18 September 2002   -

7 days - Immediately following the Iron Ore 2002 Conference, visited:
  • Mt Whaleback - BHP Billiton
  • West Angelas - Robe River Associates
  • Yandicoogina - Hamersley Iron
  • Hamersley Basin Field Workshop - Rio Tinto Iron expert Tony Harding
  • Mt Tom Price - Hamersley Iron
  • Marandoo - Hamersley Iron
  • Paraburdoo - Hamersley Iron
  • Robe River Mesa 'J' - Robe River Associates


PART A, South Africa - 6 days - 26 to 31 March 2003 - Workshops & visits:
  • Expert Workshop on the iron ores of southern Africa - Prof. Nick Beukes
  • Field Workshop on the geology & iron ores of the Northern Cape - Kumba Resources experts
  • Sishen & Sishen South - Kumba Resources
  • Beeshoek - Assmang Ltd
  • Thabazimbi - Kumba Resources
PART B, Brazil - 9 days - 2 to 10 April 2003 - Workshops & visits:
  • Carajas N4 & N5 - CVRD
  • Field Workshop on the geology & iron ores of the Quadrilatero Ferrifero - Prof. Eduardo Ladeira
  • Itabira Mine Complex - CVRD
  • Casa de Pedra - CSN
  • Corumba - Mineraçao Corumbaense Reunida (Rio Tinto)
  • Urucum Mn-Fe - CVRD

In addition to the mine visits, the tour included high level seminars & workshops, as shown above, providing an overview of the regional tectonic, geological and metallogenic setting of the districts and deposits visited, plus field reconnaissance, or drill core inspections.   While the primary focus of the tour was geological, attention was also devoted to the mining, metallurgical and economic aspects of each operation.

Tour participants, were from around the world. They brought a breadth of knowledge and international experience that broadened and enriched the discussion and greatly enhanced the tour as the group travelled together and viewed the deposits visited from their varying perspectives and backgrounds.

Maximum impact, minimum time - In recognition of the value of the time of key staff, the duration of the tour was kept to a minimum, being divided into three short modules and parts averaging from 6 to 9 days in duration, but included maximum content. All mine visits, workshops, surface and air travel and accommodation on tour were arranged by PGC.

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