An AMF-PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
OzGold '97
Australian Gold Deposits
26 November to 4 December 1997 - In Two Separate Modules
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Module 1 Tour Group

Gold is a major part of the Australian mining industry and continues to attract exploration activity. With an output in 1996/97 of around 300 t of gold (9.6 Moz) Australia is the world's third largest producer after South Africa and the United States.

Gold occurs in a diverse range of geological, metallogenic and geographic settings across the continent, making it difficult to obtain an overview and learn from the similarities and contrasts of different deposits and ore styles, as well as the common problems such as grade control, metallurgical complexity, etc., that are common to many otherwise contrasting deposits.

This tour provided the opportunity to visit twelve specially selected, geologically and economically significant gold deposits across five States & Territories of Australia in just nine days, or as two separate 4 & 5 day modules.

The mines/deposits selected are representative examples that gave an overview of the Australian gold industry as a whole. They ranged from large lateritic accumulations, through classic structurally controlled Archaean ore deposits in greenstone belts in Western Australia, Proterozoic stratabound reefs, iron-formation hosted orebodies, and rich magnetite-hematite gold-copper concentrations in central Australia, to major diatreme/breccia hosted mineral deposits, high grade epithermal veins in sediments, large porphyry gold-copper, and slate belt gold in the Eastern states.

The deposits visited were:

ARCHAEAN MODULE - 4 days, from 26 November 1997
  • Boddington - Western Australia
  • Kalgoorlie Super Pit - Western Australia
  • Kanowna Belle - Western Australia
  • St Ives Complex - Western Australia
  • Bronzewing - Western Australia
PROTEROZOIC & PHANEROZOIC MODULE - 5 days, from 30 November 1997
  • Telfer - Western Australia
  • The Granites-Callie - Northern Territory
  • Tennant Creek - Northern Territory
  • Mt Leyshon - Queensland
  • Pajingo - Queensland
  • Cadia - New South Wales
  • Bendigo/Central Deborah - Victoria
  • Fosterville - Victoria
The emphasis of the tour was principally geological, although attention was also be devoted to the mining, metallurgy and economics of the operations visited.

Two mini-seminars were conducted. The first was in Perth at the start of the tour covering "The Geological and Tectonic Framework of Western Australia, with Particular Emphasis on the Archaean Cratons" (Dr John Myers, Chief Geoscientist of the Geological Survey of WA); "The Distribution, Styles and Controls of the Archaean Gold Deposits of Western Australia" (Professor David Groves of the Key Centre for Strategic Mineral Deposits, University of WA) and "The Distribution and Behaviour of Gold in the Weathering Profile" (Dr Charles Butt, Program Leader, CRC-LEME, CSIRO Exploration & Mining, Perth).

The second mini-seminar was held at the end of the second module in Bendigo, comprising "An Overview of the Tectonics, Geology and Distribution of Gold in the Proterozoic and Phanerozoic of Central and Eastern Australia" (Dr Neil Phillips, Chief Geologist, Great Central Mines), "The History, Geology and Potential of the Victorian Gold Fields" (Tom Dickson, General Manager, Victorian Geological Survey); and "The Characteristics and Potential of the Bendigo Gold Field" (Doug Beurger, Managing Director or Garry Johansen, Exploration Manager, Bendigo Gold NL).

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