Africa 2000
The Gold Deposits of East & West Africa
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[The Module 2 Group at Yamfo, Ghana.]
The Module 2 Group with Normandy Ghana Gold staff at Yamfo, Ghana.   From the left - rear: Bob Griffis (Consultant to AMF, Ghana), Derek Stonley (Rio Tinto, UK), Doug Jones (Delta Gold, Australia), Marc Boisvert (Barrick, Tanzania), Doug Kirwin (Ivanhoe Mines, Thailand), Andries Siebrits (Anglogold, Mali), Peter Turner (Delta Gold, Burkina Faso).
Crouching - middle & front: Miles Thompson (Gold Fields, Chile), Joe Collins (Normandy, Ghana), Rex Brommecker (WMC, US), George Tettey (Normandy, Ghana), Dominique Midot (Normandy, Ghana), Mike Carter (Equigold, Cote d'Ivoire).
Photograph by Mike Porter

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