Cordillera '98
Porphyry Related Copper & Gold Deposits in the Cordillera of the Americas
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[Tour Group - Argentina]
The Module 1 Group in the Alumbrera open pit, Argentina.

From left: Roger Poltock (Climax Arimco, Australia), Rob Ingram (Anglovaal, South Africa), Rohan Halfpenny (Minorco, Hungary), Nick Green (Normandy, Chile), Silviu Ianos (Savage Exploration, Peru), Chris Farmer (Phelps Dodge, Philippines), Martin Jones (Normandy, Indonesia), Claudimara Thomazella (RTDM, Rio Tinto, Brazil), Elton Pereira (RTDM, Rio Tinto, Brazil), Fabio Mozzer (RTDM, Rio Tinto, Brazil), Colin Brooks (Expert Consultant and Technical Translator to the Tour, Argentina).   Photograph by Mike Porter

This group visited the ore deposits of El Teniente, Los Bronces, El Indio-Tambo, Chuquicamata, Escondida, and El Abra all in Chile, and Alumbrera in Argentina.

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