Eldorado 2001
The New World Au & FeOx Cu-Au of South America
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[Module 2A Group at N4]
Part of the Module 2A Group with CVRD staff above the CVRD Carajas N4 iron mine. The mine was visited to explore the connection between the occurrence of large iron-oxide Cu-Au deposits in one of the world's premier iron ore provinces.

From left: Rachel Pessôa (CVRD PR), Hortência Osaqui (CVRD Environmental), Grant Thomas (Rio Tinto, Brazil), Wilson Miola (CVRD, Planning), Geraldo Caneschi (CVRD, Ore Processing), Doug Jones (Delta Gold, Australia), Fabio Ferreira (Rio Tinto, Brazil), Elton Pereira (Rio Tinto, Brazil), Sérgio Guedes (CVRD, Geology Manager), Tony Truelove (Delta Gold, Australia - front), Michael Downes (Consultant, Canada), Romero Queiroz (Anglo American, Brazil), Chris Benn (BHP Billiton, Chile), Jomar Farias (Anglo American, Brazil), Denise Retamal (CVRD, Head of PR), Percy Salazar (Rio Tinto, Peru), Laurie Curtis (Intrepid Minerals, Canada), Daren Stephens (BHP Billiton, Australia), Doug Kirwin (Ivanhoe Minerals, Thailand) .
Photograph by Mike Porter

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