Another PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
Epithermal Gold 2005
Epithermal Gold Deposits of the Western Pacific
From 27 March to 8 April, 2005
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TOUR OUTLINE Image:   Mining Epithermal Gold.    
Gold Pit
Porter GeoConsultancy continued its International Study Tour series of professional development courses by visiting a representative selection of significant epithermal & porphyry related gold deposits in the western Pacific.

The tour ran from   27 March 2005   visiting gold deposits and districts as outlined below.

Participants were able to take
  any 4 or more consecutive days  of their choosing up to the total 13 days of the full program, as fitted their specific requirements and availability.

The program allowed them to compare and contrast a selection of significant deposits from each of the main styles of epithermal gold deposit, with a range of ages, grades, tectonic settings and metal/gangue/alteration associations, and a variety of topographic maturity and climatic environments.

The tour comprised the following:
  • Kyushu, Japan - 4 days, including,
    - Field workshop with  Prof. Sachihiro Taguchi  in an active & fossil geothermal/epithermal/volcanic terrane,
    - Hishikari adularia-sericite low sulphidation bonanza vein epithermal gold deposit,
    - Kasuga (Nansatsu) high sulphidation gold deposit.

  • Indonesia & Papua New Guinea - 6 days, including,
    - Martabe - high sulphidation epithermal gold deposit & surrounds in Sumatra, Indonesia
    - Lihir - a quartz-sulphide gold (-copper) low sulphidation epithermal deposit in PNG,
    - Wafi - a high sulphidation epithermal & the associated Golpu porphyry Cu-Au deposit in PNG
    - Hidden Valley - a carbonate-base metal-gold low sulphidation epithermal deposit in PNG.

  • Australia - 1 day, to,
    - Pajingo - an adularia-sericite Au-Ag low sulphidation epithermal deposit in a semi-arid, mature terrane in Australia,
The balance of the 13 day itinerary was involved in travel between the individual districts/regions.

While the primary focus of the tour is geological, attention was also devoted to the mining, metallurgical and economic aspects of each operation as required by the participants.

Tour participants were from around the world representing a range of companies. They brought a breadth of knowledge and international experience that broadened and enriched the discussion and greatly enhance the tour as the group travelled together and viewed the deposits visited from their varying perspectives and backgrounds.

Maximum impact, minimum time - In recognition of the value of the time of key staff, the duration of the tour was kept as compact as practical, with allowance for taking just those days that suited participants' interests and requirements, while including maximum content. All mine visits, workshops, surface and air travel and accommodation on tour were arranged by PGC.

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This tour was designed, developed, organised, managed and escorted by
T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd.

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