FeOx 2000
Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposits
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[Tour Group on the Cloncurry Workshop, Qld]
The Tour Group poses during the Cloncurry Workshop, Qld, Australia.   From left - rear: Chris Farmer (Phelps Dodge, Australasia), Augusto Mol (WMC Mineracao, Brazil). Pete Mann (Anglo American, Zambia), Jeff Chambers (Newmont, US), Ron Burk (Teck, Canada), Markku Kilpela (Outokumpu, Finland), Jack McClintock (Rio Algom, Canada), Chun Zhang (Billiton, China), Lineu Saboia (Docegeo-CVRD, Brazil), Bruce Kirk (Billiton, Chile), Claudio Margalhaes (Docegeo-CVRD, Brazil), Pat Williams (JCU, Consultant to AMF-workshop leader, Australia), Wayne Pettit (Billiton, South Africa), Firuz Alizade (Yamas-ADC, Turkey), John Kilroe (Billiton, Australia), John Twidale (Billiton, South Africa), Steve Turner (Newmont South America, US), Armando Cordeiro (Docegeo-CVRD, Brazil), Victor Kakebeeke (Rio Tinto, UK).
Front - Arturo Correa (Rio Tinto, Chile), Jim Sinclair (AngloGold, Australasia), Jason Fish (Rio Tinto, UK), Peter Stedman (Billiton, Netherlands), Celio Barreira (Docegeo-CVRD, Brazil), Lisa Thieme (Phelps Dodge, Australasia), Luke Mortimer (WMC Exploration, Australia), Dave Hopper (Rio Tinto, Chile.

Photograph by Mike Porter

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