Nickel 2000
The Major Nickel Deposits of the World
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Over Raglan mine
Overhead Raglan Mine, Mill, Concentrator and Accommodation - Photograph by Mike Porter.

  After having spent 5 hours in two taxi vans from Sudbury, the group arrived at Toronto Airport early on the morning of Thursday 15 June, where all of the terminal seating was taken by other delayed travellers. After a long cold wait and a few more dramas to do with rebooking errors, they finally boarded a flight for Montreal at 6.00 am, and on arrival transferred to the Kuujjuaq flight by 9:00 am and flew north, into a snow covered terrane. On arrival the group transferred to a private charter flight that took them on to Donaldson, just south of the Arctic Circle in Nunavik, northern Quebec. From there by road to Katinniq where the Raglan Mine Complex is located, arriving by mid afternoon.

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