Nickel 2000
The Major Nickel Deposits of the World
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Underground at Jinchuan, China
Underground at Jinchuan, China.

  The group departed Moscow for Beijing, via Helsinki, on Friday 23 June, arriving the following morning. They spent waiting time in a local hotel before taking a flight to Lanzhou that same afternoon to overnight, then set out by road for Jinchuan next morning for the 8 hour drive (including rest and meal stops).
  The technical visit was spread over the following day and a half and included briefings, an underground visit and surface traverse across the Jinchuan intrusion.

  Image above, from the left: - Christine Petch (Falconbridge, Canada), Phil Clifford (Rio Tinto, Australia), Ian Ledlie (Rio Tinto, Australia), Jim McKinnon-Matthews (WMC, Australia), Owen Bavinton (AngloAmerican, UK).   Photograph by Mike Porter

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