Nickel 2000
The Major Nickel Deposits of the World
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The Group at Jinchuan, China
The Module 3, Eurasian Sulphides, Tour Group with Jinchuan staff, at Jinchuan, Gansu, China.

From the left: Andrew Boyd (WMC, Australia), Mr Yang (Jinchuan interpreter), Graham Brown (AngloAmerican, UK), Christine Petch (Falconbridge, Canada), Mr Zhao Ying Zhou (Manager, No. 2 Mine), Owen Bavinton (AngloAmerican, UK), Phil Clifford (Rio Tinto, Australia), Ian Ledlie (Rio Tinto, Australia), Mr Cai Xaiofan (Austrade, Beijing), Jamie Robertson (Falconbridge, Canada), Mr Ren Yin Chang (Director of Geology, No. 2 Mine), Jim McKinnon-Matthews (WMC, Australia), Miss Gong Shanli (Foreign Affairs Office, Jinchuan), Zhanlin Gao (WMC, Australia).
Photograph by Mike Porter

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