Pacific Gold '99
Major Gold Deposits Around the Pacific Margin
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At the Antamok Pit of Benguet Corporation, Phillippines

At the Antamok Pit of Benguet Corporation, Baguio City, Luzon, Philippines
From the left, standing - Joey Nelson A Ayson (Dalton Pacific), George Steele (Rio Tinto, Chile), Paul Damasco (Local Consultant), Jay Hodgson (Barrick Gold, Canada), Dave Heberlein (Barrick Exploraciones, Argentina), Elton Pereira (Rio Tinto, Brazil), Jerome Corpus (Benguet Corp), Dirk Muntingh (Anglogold, Ivory Coast), Gerald Cantello (Anglogold, South Africa),
Kneeling - Brett Gunter (Ivanhoe Mines, Indonesia), Dave Porter (Africwest Gold NL), Froilan Conde (Benguet Corp.), Burkhard Eisenlohr (Africwest Gold NL).
Photograph by Mike Porter

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