The PGC Publishing e-commerce site allows you to order in one of the following modes, from anywhere in the world and for delivery to virtually anywhere on the globe by:
Direct on-line order and payment by credit card via the certified PGC secure server.

TO ORDER you just need to follow a number of simple steps on a series of easy to follow screens.   A full explanation is offered below:
FIRST SELECT BOOKS   Selections may be made from either, including the PUBLISHING or SELECTION OPTIONS options from the PGC Home page that respectively allow you to list the available books -or- the BUY, PRICE or ORDER buttons on book contents or paper abstract pages.   From these pages just follow the green SELECT, GO, SEARCH or BUY buttons as appropriate.   All options will lead to a BOOK SELECTION page with a SELECT column to allow you to nominate the item(s) required.   On each of the BOOK selection pages you will have the option of selecting hard copies books (if still in print) or eBooks for delivery ONLINE.   If after making a selection from one book listing page you wish to select other items, take the SELECT MORE button and go to the SELECTION OPTIONS page to select other books offered there.   When you have finished selecting books, hit the CHECKOUT button or red tab.

SELECTING YOUR BOOKS   Select one or more items by clicking on (or touching) the appropriate select box on the BOOK PURCHASE page (accessed as described above) next to the required title and price.   This will automatically insert a '1' in the number box.   If you require more than one of a book, amend the number box by typing a number in the box to replace the '1'.

SHOPPING CART   As you select books, these are added to your SHOPPING CART.   Your may view the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the VIEW CART icon that appears on many of the pages up to when the final order is placed, or the CART tab, also at the top of many pages.   From the shopping cart contents page you may amend the number of books you have selected, or delete any you do not wish to continue with.   Then you may either select more books with the SELECT MORE button (or SELECT tab), or proceed to the CHECKOUT with the green CHECKOUT button or tab.   NOTE that if you modify your order in the CART page, to preserve that change you MUST click/touch the CHECKOUT or SELECT MORE buttons/tabs on that page and NOT just the GO BACK button.

CHECKOUT   When you have finished selecting books click on a green CHECKOUT button (or red tab at the top) to proceed to the CHECKOUT:

ADDRESS   The first option in the checkout is the address page to enter the delivery and invoice details. You MUST enter all fields indicated by a red asterisk.
METHOD of DELIVERY   If you have selected any hard copy books, you will be presented with each of the delivery mode options, with the corresponding delivery price for your order as listed at the top of the screen.   In summary these are:   1) Domestic Express Post for Australia;   and for 'Overseas'   2) International Air Mail   3) Economy Air Mail.   and 4) Other arrangement with PGC Publishing.   When you are satisfied with your selection, click on the Next button.
  Option 4)
Other arrangement with PGC Publishing - allows you to make alternate arrangements with PGC Publishing, such as use of another courier service with which you have an account, -or- direct pick up from PGC Publishing offices, -or- some other method convenient to the purchaser.   If you wish to make such an arrangement, you should separately e-mail, phone PGC Publishing advising of your requirements.   A zero cost will appear against delivery cost in your order for the remainder of the of the transaction.   You will be advised of the appropriate costs for your preferred option in your order confirmation email.   PGC Publishing reserves the right to charge for any costs it incurs in making such alternate arrangements.
  Bulk Delivery   If your order weighs more than 20 kg, you will be advised that   "Your order weighs more than a standard package".   A zero cost will appear against delivery cost in your order for the remainder of the of the transaction.   However PGC Publishing will advise you of the available methods of delivery and respective costs before confirming your order.   You may then decide if you wish to proceed with the order and which method of despatch you prefer before PGC Publishing confirms and despatches your consignment.
  When you have made your selection, check carefully and then click on the the Next button.
  If you have only ordered eBooks, you will NOT be offered this Method of Delivery page.
ORDER AND PAYMENT METHOD   - is performed as a Direct on-line order with payment by credit card via our certified PGC secure server.
Through each of the checkout pages, your order and the options selected to date will be displayed at the top of the page. When you click on the Continue button at the bottom of the payment method page, you will be presented with the:
CONFIRMATION PAGE   This will be offered next for all options, listing all items ordered, mode of delivery for each and itemised costs as will appear on your invoice. You will be asked to confirm these details before proceeding to the next step. If you wish to amend, you may do so by progressively using the Back buttons at the bottom of each of the Checkout pages, or modify from the start of the Checkout by selecting the Address tab at the top of the page, or deleting items on the order via the VIEW CART button (or top of page CART tab), or adding more items using the the Select More button (or Select tab at the top of the page).

Upon clicking on the Confirm button, one of two paths will be taken, depending on the order and payment method you selected:

ON-LINE ORDER & PAYMENT   you will be taken direct from the CONFIRMATION page to the   SQUARE   site and prompted for credit card details.   This is a fully certified secure site.   You will need to type in:
Credit card number
Expiry date
CVV - the three digit security code on the back of your card.
Once these details are correctly added, click on the offered button to continue.
On submitting the credit card details, you will be shown a PRINT INSTRUCTION screen and taken to the PURCHASE ORDER and TAX INVOICE screen which you may print or save for your records using your browser's print option.   Then click on FINISH at the bottom of the screen to complete the transaction and exit.

DESPATCH OF YOUR ORDER   After your payment has been verified, your order will be despatched promptly.

ONLINE DELIVERY   PGC Publishing e-Books may be delivered online, after payment has been received/verified.   This will be done either via Dropbox (you will be forwarded an E-mail with the link after the depatch advice E-mail is forwarded) or by E-mail attachment if the file is < 10 Mb in size. The Dropbox link will be valid for 2 business days only, unless otherwise arranged.   For more details see the Delivery Options section.


Payment from anywhere in the world will be accepted by PGC Publishing as follows:

            Payment by credit card can be made via:
the ON-LINE PGC Publishing Certified Secure Server.
After you have confirmed your order, you will be re-directed to the   SQUARE   site to enter your credit card details which will include the CREDIT CARD NUMBER,   EXPIRY DATE   and the   3 DIGIT CVV or Security Number on the reverse of your credit card.
            Please note that:
Payment will be processed when you enter your credit card details online.
Your credit card number   WILL NOT   be stored on our electronic database.


PGC Publishing (PGC) reserves the right to amend the price of any item on sale via this web site, and/or the delivery costs at any time without notice.

From time to time changes in price may be made, as a result of increases in printing, delivery costs or other inputs or imposts that are largely beyond the control of PGC.

If for any reason the price of any part of a purchaser's order is amended between the time of printing of a PURCHASE ORDER via the PGC Publishing web site, and the date of despatch, the purchaser will be notified by PGC to request confirmation that the purchaser wishes to continue with the transaction at the amended price before the order is despatched and the processing of credit card payment, or the issue of an supplementary tax invoice for orders covered by cheques/bank drafts.

Note however that any additional 'out of area' charges for delivery to remote sites by International Air Express will be added to the delivery charges on receipt of an order and advice by the courier of such charges.