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Our Global Perspective series, describing Porphyry Copper-Gold and Iron Oxide Copper-Gold deposits and their settings,
Each volume is a collection of peer reviewed papers written by experts from industry, academia or geological surveys, working on the deposit/region,
Books no longer for sale, BUT all contained papers now available as open access full text for direct download or on request (depending on status).
PGC Books
Hydrothermal Iron Oxide Copper-Gold & Related Deposits: A Global Perspective

All papers now open access
Super Porphyry v1
Super Porphyry v2
Super Porphyry Copper & Gold Deposits: A Global Perspective,

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Porphyry 98 Proceeings
Porphyry & Hydrothermal Copper & Gold Deposits: A Global Perspective
NOTE: while these books are no longer available for sale, PGC Publishing would be glad to donate electronic copies, or the few remaining hard copies, to any university, geological survey, minerals industry/geoscience or public library that makes a request.
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