CopperBelts 2014
Sediment Hosted Copper in Africa & Europe
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[Lecture in Lubumbashi]
Drill core at the MMG Kinsevere Mine, Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo  -  After the Tshifufia pit, the group was given lunch and then taken to the Tshifufiamashi (or Mashi) Pit to look at further mineralisation and geology with slight variations on that seen at Tshifufia. They were then taken to the Kinsevere core facility to study drill core from a number of holes cutting the host sequence and ore. Then in the late afternoon, they had to say their good byes and thanked all of the MMG staff involved, but particularly Martin Katuta, Herve Ilongo and Drissar Sankare for a very well planned and presented visit that covered all we could have hoped for, before returning to Lubumbashi by sunset.   Photographs by Mike Porter.

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