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 International Study Tours
These tours were high level professional development courses aimed at geologists within the minerals industry,
37 tours took ~650 geologists from around the globe, on more than 400 technical visits to the world's classic ore deposits,
Our Study Tours were discontinued from late 2019.
Ore Deposit database
  Between 1997 and 2019  PorterGeo  organised: Who went & what they saw   Album
OzGold 2019
Australian Gold Deposits - November 2019
Andean Porphyries 2018 - Peru and Ecuador
Porphyry Copper & Gold in the Andes, June 2018
Andean Porphyries 2017 - Chile
Porphyry Copper & Gold in the Andes, April 2017
CopperBelts 2014
Sediment Hosted Copper in Africa & Europe
IOCG 2013
Australian Iron-oxide Copper-Gold Deposits
Epithermal Gold 2012
Epithermal Gold of the Western Pacific
OzGold 2011
Major Australian Gold Deposits
AsiaPacific 2010
Asia Pacific Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposits
Iron 2010
Major Iron Deposits, Brazil/South Africa
Uranium 2009
Australian Uranium Deposits
Tethyan 2008
Gold & Copper in the Western Tethyan Belt
ADIMB Australia 2008
Australian Gold & Base Metal Deposits
Orient Gold 2007
Gold Deposits of the Orient
IOCG '07
Iron Oxide Copper-Gold in South America
TienShan 2006
Gold Bearing Deposits of Central Asia
Nickel 2006
Magmatic Nickel Sulphide Deposits
Bushveld 2006
Geology & Mineralisation of the Bushveld Complex
IOCG '05
Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposits in Australia
Northern Australia '05
Base Metal Mines of Northern Australia
Epithermal Gold 2005
Epithermal Gold Deposits of the Western Pacific
Super Porphyry 2003-04
Super Porphyry Copper/Gold Deposits of the World
Iron 2002-03
Key Iron Deposits of the World
Eldorado 2001
The New World Gold & IOCG Deposits of South America
Africa-B 2001
Mineral Deposits of Southern & Central Africa
FeOx 2000
Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposits
Africa 2000
Gold Deposits of East & West Africa
Nickel 2000
Major World Nickel Deposits
OzMines '99
Major Australian Base Metal Mines
NewGold '99
New Australian Gold Discoveries & Mines
Pacific Gold '99
Major Gold Deposits of the Western Pacific
OzTour '99
Australian Base Metal & Gold Deposits
EpiGold '98
Evaluation of Epithermal Gold Deposits in the Tropics
Zinc '98
Zinc deposits of Europe and North America
Cordillera '98
Copper & gold in the Cordillera of the Americas
OzGold '97
Australian Gold Deposits
Archaean Gold '97
Archaean Gold in North America & Africa
Archipelago '97
Copper & gold in the Southeast Asian Archipelago

These tours were incomparable learning experiences,   global in scope,   visiting the world's classic ore deposits

The tour rationale was:   The best way to learn about ore deposits, is to visit a selection of the best examples, wherever they may be in the world, hit the rocks and talk to the experienced geologists who work on, and explore around, them.
Ore deposit knowledge
Image by: Mike Porter

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