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Africa-B 2001
Mineral Deposits of Southern & Central Africa
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The Module 1A Group at the Zambian Chamber of Mines Core Storage Facility, Kalulushi.   From left, standing: James Macdonald (Billiton, Netherlands), Anton Lombard (Anglovaal, Namibia), Scott Jennings (Cominco, USA), David Selley (Uni. of Tas., Australia), Mawson Croaker (Uni. of Tas., Australia), Hugh Carruthers (First Quantum, Zambia), Mark McGeough (MIM Exploration, Australia), Dave Burrows (Inco, Canada), Alan Goode (partly concealed - AMIRA, Australia), James McMaster (Anglovaal, Zambia), Dave Palmer (Rio Tinto Exploration, Australia), Brian Marten (Rio Tinto Mining & Exploration, UK), Jonathan Andrew (BHP Minerals, South Africa), Frieder Reichhardt (Rio Tinto Exploration, Botswana), Dave Broughton (Colorado School of Mines, USA), Ian Ledlie (Rio Tinto Exploration, Australia), Michael Buchanan (Anglo American Exploration, Canada), James Mwale (Anglovaal, Zambia), David Cooke (Uni. of Tas., Australia), Rob Scott (Uni. of Tas., Australia), Rob Rutherford (Phelps Dodge, Australia), Prof. Ross Large (Uni. of Tas., Australia), John Twidale (Billiton, South Africa), Alix Abernathy (First Quantum, Zambia), Will Wilkinson (Phelps Dodge, USA), Tim Froude (Cornerstone Resources, Canada).   Sitting: Peter McGoldrick (Uni. of Tas., Australia), Stuart Bull (Uni. of Tas., Australia), Bruce Hooper (Straits Resources, Australia), Adrian Black (Outokumpu, Australia), Professor Murray Hitzman (Colorado School of Mines, USA), Wayne Smith (Anglo American, Tanzania), Nicky Pollington (Uni. of Tas., Australia), Galvin Dawson (Uni. of Western Australia), Peter Pelly (Billiton, South Africa), and Bob Horn (Inco, Canada).
Photograph by Mike Porter

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