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[Underground at Mufulira]
Underground at Mufulira, Zambia  -   Thursday the 9th May saw an early start. Breakfast was ready at our hotel, the Protea Chingola, before 05:00 am, and the tour bus (lower left - chartered from Voyagers) departed by 05:20 am, just as the first rays of sunlight were breaking on the horizon. By the time we were out of Chingola, it had started to lighten and the group was at the main gate at Mufulira by 06:30 am to pass security. They were then taken to the change rooms for PPE in preparation for underground on an early cage, down the main shaft (top right). The underground visit comprised transit down the main shaft from the surface, a stroll to a second blind underground shaft, then a walk down a decline to the development level at Mufulira Deeps. There, we were able to traverse across the entire mineralised sequence, although this involved wading through almost waist deep water in places. The return climb required some exertion in warm, humid conditions. The main image above shows the group after the climb up the decline, waiting for a cage in a cuddy on the 1340 m level plat, the lowest served by shaft. Then to the surface to change. The lower right image shows some of the sodden tour participants, just about to enter the change room, before going on to lunch.
Photographs by Mike Porter.

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