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[Kamoa field and lecture]
Drill core and ore at the Kamoa deposit, Katanga Province, DRC  -  Following lunch, much of the remainder of the afternoon was spent studying drill core, firstly in the main core layout area (top left), then the most recent high grade intersections in recent drilling (main image).
  The image to the right is from one of these high grade intersections showing lenses of chalcopyrite-bornite (e.g., as indicated by arrowheads) within the weakly deformed host siltstones and reworked glacial sedimentary rocks that constitute the main host in the Grand Conlomérat of the basal Nguba Group.
  In the late afternoon, the visit had to be terminated to allow the group to return to Kolwezi by sundown. The visit had been well planned and executed and was both very enlightening and comprehensive. The group was indebted to our hosts for the insights into this inspiring discovery, and for their cooperation and openness.   Photographs by Mike Porter.

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