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[Mumi CNW Pit and Briefing]
Overview briefing and Central-Northwest Pit visit at Mutanda, Katanga Province, DRC  -  Next morning, Friday 16 May, the group took the tour charter bus some 40 km to the east of Kolwezi, to the Mutanda Mine.
  Upon arrival, they were met at the gate by Isodore Kabamba, Head of Geology for Mutanda Mining, who escorted the group to the main offices and conference room for a safety induction, followed by an overview briefing (lower image) of the operation and deposit by Frank Danquah, Manager Technical Services. Unlike Kinsevere, Tenke-Fungurume and Kolwezi, which are hosted by the Mines Subgroup of the Roan Group, and Kamoa, that is predominantly within the basal Grand Conglomérat of the Nguba Group, the Mutanda orebody is principally hosted by the upper Dipeta Subgroup (and possibly Lower Mwashi Subgroup), higher in the Roan Group than the Mines Subgroup.
  Following the presentations, they were issued with PPE and escorted to the Central-Northwest Pit (top image) for an overview, before going down into the mine (centre right) to traverse and study the host rocks and oxide ore (left centre) in the face. They had to leave the pit before the early afternoon blast, and were taken to lunch, before continuing the visit through the afternoon.   Photographs by Mike Porter.

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