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Cordillera '98
Porphyry Related Copper & Gold Deposits in the Cordillera of the Americas
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The Module 2 Group in the Sierrita open pit, near Tucson, Arizona, USA.

From left - Rear: Professor Spencer Titley (Expert Consultant to the Tour, USA), Martin Jones (Normandy, Indonesia), Rob Ingram (Anglovaal, South Africa), Rohan Halfpenny (Minorco, Hungary), Tom Bidgood (Cyprus Amax - our host - US).
Kneeling: Pedro Jacobi (RTDM, Rio Tinto, Brazil), Alain Lestra (RTDM, Rio Tinto, Brazil), Richard Hatfield (ISCOR, Australia).
Photograph by Mike Porter

This group visited the ore deposits of Mission, Silver Bell, Ray, Sierrita and San Manuel-Kalamazoo in Arizona and Bingham Canyon in Utah, USA, followed by Highland Valley and Afton-Ajax in BC, Canada.

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