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Epithermal Gold 2012
Epithermal Gold Deposits of the Western Pacific
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Martabe Presentation:   On arrival in Jakarta on the previous evening, the group had been joined by two new participants who were waiting at the tour hotel.   Next morning they departed early to travel across Jakarta to the offices of PT Agincourt Resources (G-Resources) at Pondok Indah, where two Jakarta based participants would rendezvous with the group.   It had orginally been arranged for the group to be given a detailed site visit to inspect the recently exposed Martabe orebody, supported by presentations and a core inspection, at the mine site, on the west coast of Sumatra.   However, changed circumstances at the last minute meant that the arranged air access essential to gaining access within the tour time-frame could not be utilised.   As a consequence, a presentation with a selection of rock samples was hurriedly arranged for Jakarta as a substitute.   A detailed and extensive set of presentations were delivered to the group by Janjan Hertrijana, Resource Development Manager at PT Agincourt Resources (in the foreground of the main image and seated in the lower left image), who has been with the project, virtually since discovery, and has seen it to production start-up.   After the presentation the group discussed the deposit with Janjan and inspected the box of samples he had brought with him.   Martabe is essentially the upper mixed oxide and sulphide zone of a partially eroded, large, low grade high sulphidation epithermal gold deposit.   Photographs by Mike Porter.

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