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Epithermal Gold 2012
Epithermal Gold Deposits of the Western Pacific
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Drill Core in the Mist:   By the time the group left the Hamata pit and drove to the mine core facility, the afternoon was advanced and we were engulfed by cloud at ground level, light drizzle and a chill, considering the latitude and the heat to which we had become accustomed.   We had a late lunch and studied the drill core that had been laid out in the core management area, overflowing into the yard outside.   We were give data on the holes, including drill logs and assays, drill sections and location plans to peruse as we looked at and discussed the core with our hosts and among the group.   Late in the afternoon, we said our goodbyes and thanks for the effort our hosts had put into the visit, for the excellent cooperation we were given and for what we had learned.   By now we just had time to get back down to Bulolo before night fall, where we were accommodated in the secure Bulolo Golf Club compound. Photographs by Mike Porter.

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