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Australian Iron Oxide Cu-Au Deposits
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Hillside presentations. Next morning, on Wednesday 20th February, the group departed Adelaide in a chartered coach by 07:00 am, to arrive at the Hillside project, south of Ardrossan on Yorke Peninsula, by 09:00 am. Following the usual safety induction, they were given a series of excellent and comprehensive presentations on the project, and the discovery, setting, geology, structure, alteration and mineralisation of the deposit by senior Rex Minerals geologists, Marc Twining, Andy Price and Lachlan Cole and by expert consultant Graham Teale. The presentations were supported by a series of maps, cross sections and data images on the walls that the group could study at their leisure. Later in the day one of the tour group provided a reciprocal presentation to Rex staff on another major deposit elsewhere in the world.   Photographs by Mike Porter.

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