IOCG 2013
Australian Iron Oxide Cu-Au Deposits
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[Classroom workshop]
Cloncurry overview workshop, classroom sessions with Dr Nick Oliver, at the Gidgee Inn. The first brief introductory classroom session of the workshop commenced immediately after breakfast, before 8:00 am, on Sunday 24 February, prior to the group heading into the field. The field session lasted until Noon, when the group returned to the Gidgee Inn for lunch, before continuing the classroom sessions, broken by a rock specimen break in the mid-afternoon illustrating the regional alteration and mineralisation and other deposits we were not to visit. The workshop was wound-up at 6:00 pm, followed by more informal discussion over dinner. During the day, the subjects covered included a consideration of the key characteristics and origins of IOCG deposits, the geology, geochemistry and controls of IOCG deposits in the Cloncurry district and the characteristics pertinent to exploration.   Photographs by Mike Porter.

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