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Travelling into Laos
Travelling across Thailand & Laos to Sepon  -  Following the return to Bangkok from Chatree, the next day started with an early flight to Ubon Ratchathani in eastern Thailand and travelling by road to Mukdahan on the Mekong River to cross the Freindship II bridge to Savannakhet on the Laotian side, and then onwards across the country to Sepon near the border with Vietnam.  Background image:  Crossing the Mekong River between Thailand and Laos.  Lower left:  In the Thai-Lao border car park, changing from the Thai vans that took the group from Ubon to Mukdahan, to the Lao vans that would carry the group east across Laos on the main paved highway to near the Vietnam border, before turning north onto the old Ho Chi Minh Trail to Sepon. Right:  A relaxing lunch break in Savannakhet before continuing on the further 4 hour drive to Sepon. Upper left:  The main Sepon camp where the group was installed by the end of the day.
Photographs by Mike Porter.

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