TienShan 2006
Gold Bearing Deposits of Central Asia
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[Tashkent Workshop]
Tashkent Workshop.   The first day of the tour, and a following evening, were devoted to an overview workshop detailing the tectonic, geologic and metallogenic setting of the Tien Shan Belt of Central Asia, including descriptions of the deposits the group were to visit and other significant ore deposits not on the itinerary.   Dr Reimar Seltmann (inset right), Head of CERCAMS (Centre for Russian and Central EurAsian Mineral Studies at the Natural History Museum, Dept. Mineralogy, London) was engaged to convene and present the workshop for Porter GeoConsultancy with the aid of local experts.   Through the continuing studies conducted by CERCAMS, Reimar has gained an unparalleled knowledge of the Tien Shan and was eminently qualified to set the context to the tour.   Photographs by Mike Porter

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