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Uranium 2009
Australian Uranium Deposits
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Ranger open pit overview.   For security and OHS reasons the group was unable to go into the Ranger pit.   However, an overview, with geological descriptions given by our host geologists was arranged, pointing out the key structures, lithological units, zones of mineralisation, etc. before the group went to study those litholgies, structures and zones of mineralisation in detail in drill core.   The main host unit in the pit is the structurally complex, thrust-faulted, veined and carbonaceous Palaeoproterozoic Cahill Formation, which is unconformably overlain by the Mesoproterozoic Kombolgie Sandstone forming the escarpment in the distance.   The inset in the bottom right is a zoom on the overlying Kombolgie Sandstone just to the right of the top right hand section of the main image, and which also forms the ridge in the distance on the main image.
Photographs by Mike Porter.

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