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Andean Porphyries 2018
Porphyry Cu & Au in the Andes
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Composite Full Group Photo (digitally composed from separate group images taken in NON-hard hat areas), superimposed on the lookout over the Toromocho Pit in the high Andes of Central Peru.
From left: Luis Portugal (Vale Exploraciones, Peru); Atsuhiro Kuroda (Sumitomo, Japan); Henrry Motta (Rio Tinto Exploration, Peru); Wendell Terrones (Rio Tinto Exploration, Peru); George Steele (Rio Tinto Mining and Exploration, Chile); Edgar Davila (Vale Exploraciones, Peru); Samuel Nunes (Vale Exploraciones, Peru); Mike Porter (Porter GeoConsultancy, Australia); Sergio Barassi (Bafermin, Chile); Eugenio Espada (EEX GeoConsulting, Brasil); Gulnara Ordaya Núñez (BHP Mineral Exploration, Peru); Jim Wise (MMG, USA); David Burrows (Vale, Canada); Suziany Rocha de Souza (Rio Tinto Exploration, USA); Michel Moisy (BHP Mineral Exploration, Peru); Frederick Sanchez (BHP Mineral Exploration, Peru); and Song Zhang (Rio Tinto Minerals Exploration, China).       Images by Mike Porter.

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