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Andean Porphyries 2017-18
Porphyry Cu & Au in the Andes
April, 2017  and  June 2018
Andean Porphyries 2017-18
Porter GeoConsultancy continued it's International Study Tour series of professional development courses, conducted as two separate modules within the Andes of South America in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

  This tour visited a selection of the most significant porphyry Cu-Mo, Cu-Mo-Zn, Cu-Au and Au systems and provinces, from Cretaceous to Pliocene in age and from Chile to northern Ecuador, including 'classic' porphyry, porphyry-skarn, porphyry-breccia and porphyry-epithermal deposits, and supergene derivatives.

  It provided a comprehensive overview of the scope and variability of the occurrence of 'porphyry related' deposits, and their common and contrasting characteristics.

  Participants could take any 3 or more days, up to the full module, as suited their budget, availability or interest.

Photo Album - who went & what they saw.

The tour was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the scope and variability of the occurrence of 'porphyry related' deposits, and their common and contrasting characteristics.   The combined itineraries included:
  • each of the styles of porphyry related deposits & commodity groupings,
    including 'classic' porphyry, porphyry-breccia, porphyry-skarn, porphyry-
    epithermal & supergene deposits  of  Cu-Mo±Zn±Au, Cu-Au & Au±Cu,
  • the  three differing, distinct and longitudinally contiguous, geotectonic
that host significant porphyry mineralisation in the Andean Orogen,
    namely the Northern, Peruvian and Central Andes,
  • a representative selection of deposits,   from south-central Chile in the
    south, to northern Ecuador in the north,
  • deposits spread across the principal temporal clusters of emplacement,
from Cretaceous to Miocene/Pliocene.

Vicunia in the golden grass
Image:  Vicuña in the golden puna grass of the high Andes
The tour was conducted in two parts, Andean Porphyries 2017 in April 2017, which took in four deposits in Chile, whilst the second, Andean Porphyries 2018 included six major deposits from southern Peru to northern Ecuador in June 2018.
Deposits on the itinerary included:
   Andean Porphyries 2018    4 to 18 June, 2018    Andean Porphyries 2017  23 to 29 April, 2017
   Central Andes  &  Bolivian Orocline
      Cerro Verde - Paleocene to Eocene porphyry Cu-Mo, SW Peru
        Mon 4 and Tue 5 June, 2018

      Las Bambas - Eocene to Oligocene porphyry/skarn Cu-Au-Mo, SE Peru
        Wed 6 to Sat 9 June, 2018

   Peruvian Andes
      Yanacocha - Miocene porphyry/lithocap/epithermal Au-Cu, Northern Peru
        Sun 10 and Mon 11 June, 2018

      Toromocho - Miocene porphyry Cu-Mo(-Ag), Central Peru
        Tue 12 and Wed 13 June, 2018

      Antamina - Miocene porphyry/skarn Cu-Zn-Mo-Ag, Central Peru
        Thu 14 to Sat 16 June, 2018

   Northern Andes
      Cascabel - Eocene porphyry Cu-Au, northern Ecuador
        Sun 17 to Mon 18 June, 2018

   Central Andes
      Rio Blanco/Andina - Miocene/Pliocene breccia/porphyry Cu-Mo, Chile
        Sun 23 and Mon 24 April, 2017

      Collahuasi - Eocene to Oligocene porphyry Cu-Mo, northern Chile
        Tue 25 April, 2017

      Chuquicamata - Eocene to Oligocene porphyry Cu-Mo, northern Chile
        Wed 26 and Thu 27 April, 2017

      Antucoya  - Cretaceous porphyry Cu, Chile
        Fri 28 April, 2017


     NOTE: dates listed include travel and altitude acclimatisation days.

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