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The Tour Group in the Model Room and Core Yard at Konkola Copper Mines Zambia  -  The group arrived at the main Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) gate in Chingola on the morning of Wednesday 7 May for a security check and brief induction before being taken to the main conference centre for introduction to senior management and a presentation by one of the tour group to KCM technical staff and management on another, similar, key deposit.
  The group was then taken to the Model Room in the Nchanga Geology Office to be given a presentation by SK Sengupta, Head of Geology - Exploration, with the aid of detailed plans on the wall (top left).   They were then taken through a series of models of different parts of the Nchanga-Chingola deposits by the appropriate geologists.   Lower left, Sheldon Silomba, Head of Geology - Production (second from left) explains the main Nchanga underground complex workings and deposits to the group.   They were also taken through models of the other underground mines and pits (e.g., top right) by Vusani Mlalazi, Head of Geology - Open Pit, Mr Sebastian Haabanyama, Manager Geological Services and Chalwe Mapoma.
  After these briefings and subsequent discussion, the group was taken to the core yard, where several drill holes through the ore and host sequence to basement were laid out for inspection and discussion with the mine geological staff (lower right).   Photographs by Mike Porter.

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