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[Nchanga Pit and ore]
At the Nchanga Open Pit and Ore Sample  -  Following the core inspection the group was taken to a lookout in the upper benches of the Nchanga Open Pit to be shown the distribution of the lithologies seen in the core (main image and top centre) by Vusani Mlalazi, Head of Geology - Open Pit (pointing), before inspecting the footwall sequence near the contact with basement (top right inset) in the upper benches of another part of the pit.
  The top left image is of one of the principal ore types from the open pit, mineralised arenites of 'The Feldspathic Quartzite' (TFQ).   Note the aggregates of bornite (e.g., as shown by arrow head), distributed generally parallel to coarse bedding. Photographs by Mike Porter.

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