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[At Tenke-Fungurume]
Geological briefing and underground at the Kamoto copper mine, Kolwezi, Katanga Province, DRC  -  Following the Tenke-Fungurume visit on Tuesday 13 May, the group had flown into Kolwezi airport in the late afternoon, that day. There they were processed, met by the tour bus, and transferred to the nearby Kampi Ya Boma hotel compound, where they would be based for the next 4 nights.
  Early next morning, Wednesday 14 May, they took the tour bus to the Kamoto Copper Company (KCC) offices on the other side of Kolwezi. Soon after arriving, they were given an overview briefing on the setting, geology and mineralisation of the Kolwezi Klippe and KCC operations, led by Blaise Omba (left in top right inset), Head of Underground Geology, Martin Banze (right in top right inset), Head of Exploration and Conde Ndy (Senior Open-pit Geologist).
  Following the presentation, they were issued with underground PPE and loaded into a fleet of 4WD vehicles to go down the Kamoto decline into the main KTO underground mine, where they were split into two parties, led respectively by Blaise and Martin, to traverse across the host sequence and hypogene ore (lower left and right) in the Kamoto Écaille.
  When the traverse was complete, they were brought back to the surface (bottom centre) for lunch before continuing the visit.   Photographs by Mike Porter.

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