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[Drill core at Kolwezi]
Tour group with drill core and Kamoto Copper Company (KCC) staff at Kolwezi, Katanga Province, DRC  -  Following the visit to the KOV open pit, the group then moved to the nearby T17 Pit (lower right and background image) to traverse the hosts sequence in the Musonoi Écailles briefly, before returning to the office area to study core from several drill holes through the mineralised sequence before the end of the day (lower centre and left).
  No group photo was taken at Kolwezi, although a series of photos with the key KCC geological staff that oversaw and led the series of visits is included in the top row of images, as follows, from the left: Martin Banze (Head of Exploration); Florent Nawezi (Senior Geologist Feed and Stockpiles); Tour participants Laura Klingberg (Anvil Mining Congo, DRC) and Michelle Woiwod (Barrick Gold, Zambia), with Blaise Omba (Head of Underground Geology); and Rachael Paul (Graduate Mine Geologist); Conde Ndy (Senior Open-pit Grade Control Geologist); Mike Porter and Jho Katshunga Kakwata (Open Pit Geologist).
  The group finally left late in the afternoon, and made it back to the Kampi Ya Boma compound at just on sunset.
  That evening, the KCC staff joined the group for dinner, and a presentation by one of the group geologists on sediment hosted copper deposit in another part of the copperbelt.
  The long day had been well planned and very comprehensive, packed with information, the opportunity to see all of the key rocks and for discussion and the exchange experience, giving the group an excellent appreciation of one of the world's greatest clusters of sediment hosted copper deposit. All were very grateful to KCC management and geologists.   Photographs by Mike Porter and by KCC staff.

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