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Eldorado 2001
The New World Au & FeOx Cu-Au of South America
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The Module 1A Group with Barrick staff on the Pascua airstrip, Chile.
From left, standing: Arturo Correa (Rio Tinto, Chile), Steve Turner (Newmont, USA), Doug Kirwin (Ivanhoe Mines, Thailand), Sergio Barassi (Bafermin, Chile), Glen van Kerkvoort (Barrick Exploration, Chile), Steve Bussey (WMC, USA), Dave Heberlein (Barrick Exploration, Chile-Argentina), Stephen Mann (MRA-Cogema, Australia), Jean Francoise Metall (Barrick Exploration, Chile), Gustavo Zulliger (Rio Tinto, Argentina)
Kneeling: Patricio Irribarra (Barrick Exploration, Chile), Nick Hawkes (Rio Tinto, Peru), Dave Kelley (WMC, USA).

Photograph by Mike Porter

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