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Epithermal Gold 2012
Epithermal Gold Deposits of the Western Pacific
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In the Lihir Open-pit:   Upon arrival at the Lihir airport, the group was met by Senior Exploration Geologist Warwick Fortune of Newcrest-Lihir with a company bus to transfer us to the mine office, where we were given a safety induction and our PPE equipment.   We were then loaded into two 4WD vehicles and taken to the lookout where the geology of the pit was explained and pointed out (upper-image) by Stephanie Grabovickic, Senior Mine Geologist, and Warwick Fortune.   Next, we were taken down into the pit to visit a number of sites to study and discuss the ore, alteration and enclosing rocks with our hosts.   The pit visit was undertaken first, as the weather was fine at that stage, but would be followed by heavy late morning rain, which appeared on queue at 11:00 am, soon after we left the pit and had studied the current ore types on the ROM-pad.   By that time we were under cover in the core facility, the next stop on the schedule.  Photographs by Mike Porter.

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