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Iron Oxide Copper Gold in South America
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Cristalino core
Studying Cristalino drill core.   Following a comprehensive expert overview of the tectonic, geologic and metallogenic setting of the Carajas mineral province and a detailed breifing on the geology and mineralisation of the Cristalino deposit in the morning, both led by Sergio Huhn of CVRD (above right), the group spent the afternoon studying in detail two, long, representative drill holes through the Cristalino deposit.    From left:  Daniel Muller (Ivanhoe Mines, China), Eugenio Espada (Minera Barrick Misquichilca, Colombia), Marcio Sales (CVRD, Brazil), Graeme Corlett (Ivanhoe Mines, China) and Sergio Huhn (CVRD) studying and discussing Cristalino drill core at the Carajas exploration core store.
Photograph by Mike Porter.

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