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Key Iron Deposits of the World
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Marandoo ore and staff
At the Marandoo Operations of Hamersley Iron.
Upper left:   Hamersley Iron geologist Joffre Buswell explains the geology and grade distribution of the supergene martite-goethite Marra Mamba ores at Marandoo.     Lower left:   predominantly martite-goethite ore.     Lower righ:   predominantly soft martite-ochreous goethite ore.     Upper right:   Section of the Marandoo pit with Mount Bruce in the background exposing the Brockman Iron Formation - comprising the lower Joffre Member BIFs on the peak, underlain progressively by recessive Whaleback Shale, then the thick, more chunky Dales Gorge BIFs, the Mount McRae Shale, the thin Bruno's Band BIF (only sporadically visible on the image) and the "Tram Tracks" and the Wittenoom Dolomite which in turn overlies the Marra Mamba Iron Formations of the Marandoo mine in the foreground.
Photographs by Mike Porter.

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