Iron 2002 - 03
Key Iron Deposits of the World
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[Team photo]

In the Carajas N5 Pit

From left, standing:   Marcos Diogenes da Silva (RTDM/Rio Tinto, Brazil), Kevin Fox (RTDM/Rio Tinto, Brazil), Hilke Dalstra (Rio Tinto Exploration, Australia), Troy Gill (Rio Tinto Exploration, Australia), Sergio Guedes (CVRD, Carajas), Atlas Correa Neto (Ferteco/CVRD, Brazil), Sibely Nobre (CVRD, Carajas), João Möller (Rio Tinto/MCR, Brazil).
Kneeling:   2xCVRD Carajas staff, Fabio de Castro Soares (Anglo American, Brazil), CVRD staff.

Photograph by Mike Porter

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