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Orient Gold 2007
Gold Deposits of the Orient
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Jinchangyu Briefing
Jinchangyu Briefing at Qianxi  -  After travelling from the Shandong Peninsular, via Beijing to Qianxi on the northern margin of the North China Craton, the group was given a detailed briefing on the operations, setting, geology and mineralisation at the Jinchangyu mine on the evening before the visit. Jinchangyu is located in north-eastern Hebei Province, China. The presentation was delivered by Mr Peng, the Deputy Mine Manager and Mr Zhang, the Manager Geology. After the main briefing, the group was able to pore over detailed plans and mine sections of the deposit and discuss these with Mr Peng and Mr Zhang. As for all of the visits and briefings in China, Gina Dong (top right), expert geological consultant from the Sino-QZ Group, translated the content of the briefing and all discussion between Chinese and English language.
Photographs by Mike Porter.

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