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Travel to and from Telfer - Early on the morning of Saturday 9 November, the group in Kalgoorlie took a take-away breakfast from their hotel and headed for Kalgoorlie Airport. There they boarded the first of the tour charter aircraft, a Maroomba Airlines B1900D (lower centre) that had been prepositioned from Perth on the previous afternoon. They took off as the sun appeared above the horizon and the upper faces of the Superpit began to glow, while the lower benches remained in shadow (upper left). After around two hours flying they were nearly half a continent away in the Paterson Province, on approach to Telfer Airport (right), arriving soon after 08:00 am.
  To satisfy the safety requirements of various of the participants' employers, two separate, twin pilot charter aircraft were required to transport the 16 members of the group to Telfer. The second 8 members of the group, who were to start their tour at Telfer, had flown to Broome by commercial airline on the previous evening to overnight there. They departed that morning for the shorter flight in a Skippers Aviation Cessna Conquest, arriving soon after the group from Kalgoorlie. The upper right image shows that second group boarding at the end of the day for the flight back to Broome where they spent the night on Cable Beach. The other group on the B1900D spent the night at the Capricorn Roadhouse near Newman in the Pilbara before flying on to Perth on the morning of Sunday 10 November.     Image by Mike Porter.

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