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En route to Huaraz

En-route from Lima to Huaraz, for the Antamina Visit.  
Top left: Tres Brasilieros, Fernando Matos, Valério Jardim Oliveira and Gerson Oliveira of CVRD at a surf-side lunch in Baranca (Peru). The background is pale and misty due to the mixing of dry air from the Altiplano with the cold, moist air over the north flowing Humboldt Current on the coast.   Top right: The three full mine safety fitted Toyota Prados (with drivers) used in Northern Peru.   Bottom: Just over the 4100 m pass on the road to Huaraz with the snow covered Cordillera Blanca as a backdrop (see Previous for names).

The group had departed their hotel at Miraflores in Lima at 7:45 am in the three fully mine equiped Prados and headed north on the main highway that followed the coast, but a little inland. Arrived at Barranca at 11:20 am. They stopped there for a surf-side lunch before departing at 12:50 pm, to continue north, before turning inland towards the mountains at 1:10 pm. The road then wound its way up until reaching the top of the pass at 4100 m, at 3:00 pm. From there they had their first glimpse of the much taller, snow covered Cordillera Blanca to the east. After a break, they continued on, arriving in Huaraz at 4:10 pm to check in at the Andino Club Hotel.

Photographs by Mike Porter

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