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Super Porphyry 2003 - 04
Super Porphyry Cu/Au Deposits of the World
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Chinese banquet at the Dexing Guest-house - Some can use chop sticks well and some cant - and rice is served last !!

The following morning the group were given a further traverse of sections of the pit and the sequence in the mineralised and corridor between deposits, before returning to the Dexing Guest House for lunch. They then departed Dexing at 1:35 pm by road for Nanchang, arriving at their hotel by 5:40 pm to spend the night there.

The following days were devoted to travel, checking out and departing their hotel by 6:30 am to catch a 09:00 am flight out of Nanchang, which landed in Hong Kong at 10:05 am. From there they made a connection that departed at 1:30 pm, and arrived in Singapore at 4:50 pm. The next flight, taken out of Singapore, departed at 7:05 pm and landed in Jakarta, which is one hour behind Singapore time, at 7:25 pm. They then took the shuttle bus to check in to the Sheraton Bandarra near the airport by 9:00 pm, where they were to spend the night. Next morning was Saturday and they slept in before catching a 2:pm flight from Jakarta, which landed in Denpasar, Bali at 5:00 pm. They spent the evening and overnighted there.

On Sunday, they proceeded back to Denpasar Airport for a commuter flight that departed at 2:00 pm, to first land at Mataram on Lombok Island at 2:30 pm, before taking off again at 3:00 pm and continuing on to Sekongkang on the west coast of Sumbawa Island, to arrive at 3:30 pm. On arrival they were met my PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara mine geologists who ferried the group to the Tropical Beach Club hotel (images on a following page), where they were to stay while on Sumbawa.

Photographs by Mike Porter

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