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Eldorado 2001
The New World Au & FeOx Cu-Au of South America
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Antofagasta Seminar]
The Antofagasta Seminar held on Saturday 13 October at the Universidad Catolica del Norte (Chile). This provided an overview and context to both Module 1A, Andean Gold and Module 1B Andean Iron-oxide Copper-Gold in the morning. This was followed after lunch by four presentations by tour members on porphyry and gold deposits elsewhere in the world with which they were familiar. It was attended by over 100, including participants from both modules, representatives of the local idustry and students.   Inset: Sergio Barassi who helped organise the Chilean segments of the tour, Marisol Bembow, head of the Faculty of Engineering and Geological Sciences at the University who strongly supported and assisted the seminar, and Jose Cabello of BHP Billiton who was the renowned lead presenter. Professional geological interpreters were hired to translate instant Spanish to English and vice versa, which all audience members could access via headsets provided.

Photographs by Mike Porter

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