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Eldorado 2001
The New World Au & FeOx Cu-Au of South America
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The Module 1B Group in the core shed at the Andacollo mine, Chile.
From left, standing: Stephen Mann (MRA - Cogema, Australia), Chris Benn (BHP Billiton, Chile), David Cass (Anglo American, Canada), Tony Truelove (Delta Gold, Australia), Romero Souza Queiroz (Anglo American, Brazil), Richard Lepine (BHP Billiton, Chile), Celio Barreira (Docegeo-CVRD, Brazil), Ed Yarrow (Anglo American, Canada), Doug Kirwin (Ivanhoe Mines, Thailand), Twila Griffiths (Minera Carmen de Andacollo, Chile), Grant Thomas (Rio Tinto, Brazil), Claudio Magalhaes (Docegeo-CVRD, Brazil).   Kneeling: Darren Stephens (BHP Billiton, Australia), Sergio Barassi (Bafermin, Chile), David Ramos (Rio Tinto, Peru).
Inset, lower left: Tim Moody (Rio Tinto, Peru), the other member of the group who was absent during this visit.
Photographs by Mike Porter

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