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Nickel 2000
The Major Nickel Deposits of the World
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In the field, North Range, Sudbury Closely studying Voisey's Bay core, Canada
Left:  In the field, North Range, Sudbury with Paul Binney of Falconbridge, studying the Onaping fall-back breccia.

Right:  Voisey's Bay core - Emma Masterman (WMC, Australia) and Phil Clifford (Rio Tinto, Australia), discuss textures.
  Photographs by Mike Porter

  The day following the Sudbury Seminar was spent underground at the Falconbridge Craig mine in the morning, a 'contact deposit', a traverse of the North Range section of the Sudbury Intrusion during the middle of the day and then underground again at the Inco Copper Cliffs mine, an 'offset deposit' in the afternoon.
  That night, members of the Tour Group gave presentations to the Sudbury Geology Discussion Group on nickel deposits elsewhere in the world, with which they had expertise.
  Next day was spent visiting the Falconbridge Onaping mine, a 'footwall deposit', followed by a traverse of the South Range section of the Sudbury Intrusion. Later that afternoon the group were able to study drill core from both Sudbury and the Voisey's Bay deposit.
  That same evening the group was to have flown from Sudbury to Toronto, with a connection to Montreal to overnight in readiness to take the bi-weekly flight to Kuujjuak in Nunavik, northern Quebec early next morning. However, as we waited, the flight was delayed and finally cancelled at near midnight due to a major weather event in Toronto. After some negotiation and persuasion, the airline agreed to provide two taxi vans to take the group to Toronto overnight and rebook flights to Montreal to make our connection to Kuujjuaq.

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